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February raven

Raven on a Stroll

One more photo to give me practice cutting and pasting code from Flickr into a WordPress post. This is nearly as easy are blogging to Tumblr. That may mean I’ll be posting here more. Apologies for finding it hard to decide which social media platforms I want to use for which purposes.



Raven Tree 2

Originally uploaded by AlaskanLibrarian

I’m grateful I live in a place with so many birds. And this is a light day for what I’ve come to call the raven tree. Taken from my office building balcony.

Office Raven

Office Raven

Originally uploaded by AlaskanLibrarian

I actually took my camera to work today and was rewarded with this picture of a raven perching right outside my office!

Sets on Flickr – Ravens

UAS Raven 7
Originally uploaded by AlaskanLibrarian.

According to Flickr, I’m up to 50 sets of photographs. I thought it might be fun to once a week or so to post a representative picture from one of my sets. If you like the photos, share them. All my Flickr photos have a Creative Commons non-commercial/share alike license. If you don’t like them, give me some constructive criticism. I’m still a toddler in photography, heavily dependent on the auto setting of my digital camera.

I’m going to start with my set of raven pictures.

If you’re a MySpace member, you might recognize the picture I’ve chosen. As of this writing, there are 38 raven photos taken at various times of the year.

I like ravens because they’re clever, impulsive and are always doing unexpected things. In many mythologies they are both trickster and teacher.

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