National Library Week Day 3: Collections in Juneau and Beyond #nlw14

For Day 3 of National Library Week, I’d like to highlight the physical collections of the Juneau Public Libraries, not only what they own, but what they can physically get their hands on for you. Let’s start off with their somewhat brief collections page:


Library Collections

The primary mission of the Juneau Public Libraries is to develop, maintain, and facilitate the use of a collection of books and other materials responsive to the diverse and constantly changing informational needs of those to whom it has a service obligation. The library strives to offer the most complete and balanced collection possible within existing fiscal and physical limitations. Providing free access to materials which satisfy educational, cultural, informational, and recreational needs of constituents of all ages, backgrounds, and occupations is a central concern, which must be met both from within and from beyond the library’s own collection.


The collection of the Juneau Public Libraries includes approximately 124,000 items located in three facilities.

The materials collected include books, ebooks, books on tape/cd, audiobook downloads, videos and DVD’s, music on compact disc and for download, periodicals, microfiche, microfilm and online electronic databases.



The catalog of the CAPITAL CITY LIBRARIES may be reached online at: or by using the “Search Library Catalog” searchbox located at the top of the menu on the left. The catalog is available 24-hours a day, seven days a week.


I’d like to elaborate on the “periodicals” above. Periodicals is slang for newspapers, magazines and journals. Each of the branches of the Juneau Public Libraries has a nice size collection of magazines and newspapers. All of the branches will have major Alaskan newspapers. Each branch has a slightly different collection of magazines and journals. Some of the titles you’ll find in paper (sometimes online too) in our system are:

Honestly, if you live in Juneau, you should just walk into a library and start browsing around the magazine and newspaper collections.

If you’re interested in new books, audio books or DVDs, JPL has these constantly updated lists to make it easy:

If you have an RSS reader like Netvibes, you can subscribe to these feeds.

But what you can get at the library isn’t limited to what is held at the three branches. Juneau Public Libraries is a member of the Joint Library Catalog, a consortium that ranges from Juneau through Anchorage, Valdez and Kodiak and includes two university collections – University of Alaska, Southeast and University of Alaska Anchorage. You can use JPL’s Catalog to get many of the system’s more than one million items delivered to your nearest library.

There’s a world of material at your feet. Why not go look at it?


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Milk for babes, drawn out of the breasts of both Testaments

While listening to a great audiobook called Religious Literacy: What Every American Needs to Know, But Doesn’t, I came across a mention of the oddest catechism title I have ever run across:

Milk for babes, drawn out of the breasts of both Testaments chiefly for the spirituall nourishment of Boston babes in either England, but may be of like use for any children
by John Cotton

You can locate library copies at:

Or you can read it online at:

I wonder what modern evangelicals, not to mention the FCC would think about the title. Hopefully they would get past the cover.