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Lights, Camera, Alaska!

Did you know that most films set in Alaska are actually filmed elsewhere? The State of Alaska noticed that too and as a result revived the Alaska Film Program. At the Alaska Film Program website at http://www.commerce.state.ak.us/oed/film/home.cfm, you can:

  • See maps of Alaska’s regions
  • Learn about Alaskan weather
  • Get general information about filming in Alaska
  • Find local production services so you don’t have to fly as much of your crew up to Alaska.
  • Learn how to qualify for Alaska’s Film Incentive Program

Alaska is just one of several states with Film offices designed to bring Hollywood dollars to their state.  A partial list includes Montana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Tennessee and of course, California. Hopefully the Alaska Film office will become expert in luring Alaska-themed movies that want authenticity bragging rights!

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