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Alaska Congressional Alerts Ending

Based on a combination of stats and lack of comments, I decided to stop posting annotated versions of the alerts I get on Alaska’s Congressional Delegation through Congress.gov.

If you’d like to set up your own alert for a member of Alaska’s delegation, check go to their member pages and follow the instructions. Alerts direct from Congress.gov will only have bill numbers.

If I have feelings about a particular bill that Murkowski, Sullivan or Young is sponsoring, I may blog that.

Smoked Salmon Chowder | Food-a-be

This was a delicious and simple meal, hearty, not fishy, and perfect for a cold blustery Juneau Sunday.  If you’ve got some hot-smoked salmon on hand, either occupying the back of your freezer or in a can/jar in the pantry, this is a really yummy way to do something besides eating it with crackers and cheese.

via Smoked Salmon Chowder | Food-a-be.

This recipe looks pretty tasty. If you have access to smoked Salmon, give it a try.

From USA.gov: Veterans: Connect to Benefits and Services

If you are a vet or know one, I think you might this useful.

On Tue, Mar 3, 2015, 4:59 AM USA.gov Team <subscriptions> wrote:

Find assistance as a vet, spouse, or dependent

One hundred and fifty years ago today, President Lincoln signed a law establishing the first federal veterans’ facility for disabled Civil War veterans. This facility gave root to the Department of Veterans Affairs’ assistance programs.

Today, the VA offers many benefits and services to eligible veterans and connects our military service men and women with resources across the country. Share this information with a veteran you know, or an organization that helps veterans.

Hand to Mouth: Living in Bootstrap America, by Linda Tirado

Daniel Cornwall:

Some thought provoking reading.

Originally posted on Blogging for a Good Book:

handI work on a public service desk, so I see lots of people from all walks of life and economic classes. When they ask for computer help, or to use the phone, it is impossible not to see or hear what they’re doing. (The cardinal sin of librarianship is denying them service based on those observations.) But when I hear someone reeking of cigarettes negotiating a payday loan, or see a woman with a toddler and a baby bragging about her sexual adventures on Facebook, it’s hard not to mentally question their choices. Linda Tirado has given me 191 pages of smackaround for my presumption in asking those questions.

Tirado came to international attention when her essay on the bad decisions many poor people make went viral. Based on that attention she was able to get a book deal to expand on the post, and to share the experiences of other…

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Alaskans! Go Vote!

Today is primary election day in Alaska. Important decisions are at stake. Go out and vote!

That is all.

Review: Every Day is an Atheist Holiday

Every Day is an Atheist Holiday
Every Day is an Atheist Holiday by Penn Jillette
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

If you are put off by profanity or sexual talk, don’t even think about picking up this book of essays. Penn simply cannot go for more than two pages (on average) without the f-word or a reference to his privates and/or a sex act.

But if you can set aside your visceral reactions to the tenor of this book, it has some very interesting reflections on fatherhood, marriage, reality TV, blackmail, professional partnerships, stage magic and religion. I’d rather have a hundred Penns in Congress, turning the Congressional Record into something delivered in a plain brown wrapper, than one more Ted Cruz or Michelle Bachmann.

I’d give this book four stars if it wasn’t for the relentless profanity. To which, I’m willing to bet Penn would say F-You with a smile.

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Review: Tales of Alaska’s Bush Rat Governor: The Extraordinary Autobiography of Jay Hammond, Wilderness Guide and Reluctant Politician

Tales of Alaska's Bush Rat Governor: The Extraordinary Autobiography of Jay Hammond, Wilderness Guide and Reluctant Politician
Tales of Alaska’s Bush Rat Governor: The Extraordinary Autobiography of Jay Hammond, Wilderness Guide and Reluctant Politician by Jay S. Hammond
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Overall a good read for those in Alaska history. The whole book is a series of vignettes rather than a single narrative. The effect is somewhat disjointed. I personally found the first third of the book hard to get through, but things did quickly pick up from there.

More documentation of material would have been nice – examples of the Anchorage Daily Times treatment of him, bill numbers for legislation Hammond said he got passed because legislators weren’t much for reading.

On the plus side, Hammond is far from self-aggrandizing in this book and he’s up front about his mistakes and failures.

If you live in Alaska and haven’t read the biography of one of the fathers of the Permanent Fund Dividend, you really ought to pick up this book and read.

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