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Treadwell Ruins

Today I was inspired to go for a walk with my camera down the Treadwell Historic Trail. This time I decided to focus on decaying equipment and buildings left over from the early 20th Century. I made some pictures into black & white. Do you have a preference from the following?:



1. Color power plant

DSCN6838 (2)

2. B&W power plant


3. Color rollers

DSCN6833 (2)

4. B&W rollers


Day 8: Fireworks and Phones


A short post from my phone so I can claim Day 8 of “Write Every Day.”

This picture was taken on July 3rd with my Samsung Galaxy 5. I was surprised to get a usable photo from a smartphone. We have come a long way.

I took four pictures and three of them came out. I would have taken more, but I was standing on a balcony and am easily startled. I quickly became nervous about dropping my phone 20 feet.

The photos were taken July 3rd because Juneau Alaska has “first in the nation” fireworks at 11:30 ish pm. They finish just after midnight on 7/4.

What’s the most surprising photo you’ve taken with a smartphone?

December Sunrise in Douglas

December Douglas Dawn

Mt Roberts December Dawn

A week ago, I really liked the pre-dawn light and took the time to take some pictures. I mostly use auto-mode on my CoolPix 100. In low light it doesn’t always focus well and it tends towards making things too blue. But I still liked the way these photos turned out.

Public Domain Images from the British Library

Image taken from page 36 of 'Kenneth McAlpine: a tale of mountain, moorland, and sea'

I almost titled this post – “Not a job I’d want to have.” but that would be missing the point.

This is one of about 1,000,000 public domain images from books published between the 17th and 19th Century put on Flickr by the British Library. According to Boing Boing the point of this project is to put more material in the hands of researchers and the public to remix and reuse.

A quick glance of the images shows maps, animals, plants, advertisements, cartoons, portraits, landscapes and more. There are both color and black and white images. If you know someone who is a history researcher or just wants to put some retro elements into their work, point them to this image stream. Looks like there is more to come.

February raven

Raven on a Stroll

One more photo to give me practice cutting and pasting code from Flickr into a WordPress post. This is nearly as easy are blogging to Tumblr. That may mean I’ll be posting here more. Apologies for finding it hard to decide which social media platforms I want to use for which purposes.

Chile loves astronomy tourists

Chile takes astronomy tourism seriously

It’s time for a few experimental posts again. Flickr might be making it easier to post to WordPress. The Flickr to WordPress posting mechanism still leaves a lot to be desired – no way to schedule posts or add categories/tags. But it does make getting the code for the photo, title and caption pretty easy.

This is a photo I took I think in the La Serena airport, though it might have been Santiago. The large text on the post can be rendered something like Astronomical tourism is yours. Enjoy it. I saw several posters like this and a number of road signs that indicates that Chile is really pushing astronomy-based tourism. I wish them well and I recommend the country and the associated astronomy to you.

I know I still owe several days worth of Chile trip blog posts. They’re coming. Probably not until the weekend, but they are on their way.

Chile photos

100 inch telescope at Las Campanas Observatory

I got back from Chile on November 13, 2013. I have finally uploaded the last of the pictures I intend to share to Flickr. There were enough photos that I split them into three sets.

I hope to blog some of my favorite photos from these sets in the coming weeks, as well as finish my blog posts about my experience. Life has been especially busy and somewhat exhausting these past few weeks, but it’s mostly good.

from Tumblr

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