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Negative Tide 3/29/18, Douglas Alaska

So, a few days ago, I took a stroll on the beach around 6:50pm when we had a negative tide of about a 1.5 feet.

The moon had just rose and there was a WIDE expanse of beach.

Sandy Beach moonrise

Sandy Beach 3/29/2018, negative 1.5 ft or so tide.

The lower than usual tide let me get a perspective of the Treadwell Pump House I don’t see often.

Pump House

Treadwell Pump House from side facing ocean. 3/29/2018.

The negative tide unveiled weathered stumps mostly under water, along with what I think was a broken crab pot.

Humans' weathered things

Crabpot(?) and former posts near Pump House 3/29/2018

There were so many tiny stumps of what must have been poles and posts at one time. Now, usually submerged, they looked like small fairy castles.


Are these stumps or fairy castles? Sandy Beach, 3/29/2018

I’ve lived in Douglas, Alaska for about 18 years, so I may have wandered the beach at negative tides before. But this set of mussel covered pipes isn’t something I recall seeing before.


Disused pipeline, now shellfish habitat.

I’m really enjoying getting out onto the beach more. The changing tides help make it a more varied landscape than I expected. Plus it is great to have the beach when so many other trails in the area are still so snow covered.

Sandy Beach / Douglas Harbor March 26, 2018

Another beach walk, a few more pictures, starting with the harbor I pass on the way to the beach:

Douglas Harbor inter-tidal ice. 


This looks like a shoe insert that a shell came onto.


I’m guessing this ice froze at high tide and fractured after.


Thawing stream.


Gateway? Feather dryer? 

I’m happy I went out today. I didn’t really want to at first. It’s overcast, cold and breezy. But I am trying to get out in nature more and I wanted to avoid a forecasted snow storm. So I pushed myself out the door. It was worth it.

More March Sandy Beach

Some more photos from my walk today. This is testing a gallery style post:


I’m really lucky to have a beach within walking distance with so much history.

Reflective Pumphouse

I took this picture of an old Gold era pumphouse while walking on Sandy Beach on Douglas Island. I really liked how the reflection came out.

Treadwell Ruins

Today I was inspired to go for a walk with my camera down the Treadwell Historic Trail. This time I decided to focus on decaying equipment and buildings left over from the early 20th Century. I made some pictures into black & white. Do you have a preference from the following?:



1. Color power plant

DSCN6838 (2)

2. B&W power plant


3. Color rollers

DSCN6833 (2)

4. B&W rollers

Day 8: Fireworks and Phones


A short post from my phone so I can claim Day 8 of “Write Every Day.”

This picture was taken on July 3rd with my Samsung Galaxy 5. I was surprised to get a usable photo from a smartphone. We have come a long way.

I took four pictures and three of them came out. I would have taken more, but I was standing on a balcony and am easily startled. I quickly became nervous about dropping my phone 20 feet.

The photos were taken July 3rd because Juneau Alaska has “first in the nation” fireworks at 11:30 ish pm. They finish just after midnight on 7/4.

What’s the most surprising photo you’ve taken with a smartphone?

December Sunrise in Douglas

December Douglas Dawn

Mt Roberts December Dawn

A week ago, I really liked the pre-dawn light and took the time to take some pictures. I mostly use auto-mode on my CoolPix 100. In low light it doesn’t always focus well and it tends towards making things too blue. But I still liked the way these photos turned out.

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