We all make a difference – What’s yours?

For the past week or so, I’ve been listening to the audio version of a business book called the Fred Factor by Mark Sanborn.

Today I was struck by a passage where he says we shouldn’t worry about making a difference. In fact, all of us make a difference and change the world each day.

How? Sanborn argues that the world changes just a little bit in response to our attitudes. The world is changed one way when we smile at others, someone’s life is changed a little when they get a frown. Helping others changes the world, as does ignoring them or tearing them down.

I thought that was pretty inspiring for a business book, and so wanted to share.

So, whether you feel empowered or frightened, the world is yours to change with your love, your hate, or your simple indifference. The sum of our actions help shape our world and the world of others.

What will it be?

If you live in Alaska, you have a good chance of living in a community able to download books from Listen Alaska. Try the Fred Factor if you do. You might have to wait, but I think it’s worth it, just based on half the book.