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Friday Walk Home

The weather here in Juneau, Alaska was so nice that I decided to walk home after work. Making this decision is also a decision to take the bus in the morning as I didn’t want to walk three miles both ways.

My walk took me along Juneau’s recently constructed Seawalk by the Douglas Bridge and over the bridge itself. I got what I thought were some good photos including:


View from Juneau Seawalk


Wandering footprints


Looking from Douglas side of bridge

If you’d like to see the other photos I took on my home home, see my Friday Afternoon album on Google Photos.

Adding in the seawalk portion, it was about 3.5 miles from MPOW to home. I definitely felt it in my legs last night. But this was just the first walk home of the year. I’m assuming I’ll work my way up to feeling better after the walks. It sure is great while I’m walking!

Negative Tide 3/29/18, Douglas Alaska

So, a few days ago, I took a stroll on the beach around 6:50pm when we had a negative tide of about a 1.5 feet.

The moon had just rose and there was a WIDE expanse of beach.

Sandy Beach moonrise

Sandy Beach 3/29/2018, negative 1.5 ft or so tide.

The lower than usual tide let me get a perspective of the Treadwell Pump House I don’t see often.

Pump House

Treadwell Pump House from side facing ocean. 3/29/2018.

The negative tide unveiled weathered stumps mostly under water, along with what I think was a broken crab pot.

Humans' weathered things

Crabpot(?) and former posts near Pump House 3/29/2018

There were so many tiny stumps of what must have been poles and posts at one time. Now, usually submerged, they looked like small fairy castles.


Are these stumps or fairy castles? Sandy Beach, 3/29/2018

I’ve lived in Douglas, Alaska for about 18 years, so I may have wandered the beach at negative tides before. But this set of mussel covered pipes isn’t something I recall seeing before.


Disused pipeline, now shellfish habitat.

I’m really enjoying getting out onto the beach more. The changing tides help make it a more varied landscape than I expected. Plus it is great to have the beach when so many other trails in the area are still so snow covered.

Sandy Beach / Douglas Harbor March 26, 2018

Another beach walk, a few more pictures, starting with the harbor I pass on the way to the beach:

Douglas Harbor inter-tidal ice. 


This looks like a shoe insert that a shell came onto.


I’m guessing this ice froze at high tide and fractured after.


Thawing stream.


Gateway? Feather dryer? 

I’m happy I went out today. I didn’t really want to at first. It’s overcast, cold and breezy. But I am trying to get out in nature more and I wanted to avoid a forecasted snow storm. So I pushed myself out the door. It was worth it.

Treadwell Historic Trail, March 25, 2018

Today instead of hitting Sandy Beach, I walked along the mostly ice-free main stretch of the Treadwell Historic Trail from the end of St. Ann’s till the “howitzer pad.” A few places were very slidey and the side trails and the low part of the Historic trail are completely ice-bound. Here are some photos:


Howitzer pad on Treadwell Historic Trail.


End of plowed Treadwell Historic Trail.


Treadwell cave-in site from above.


Unplowed subtrails of the Treadwell Historic trail.

I’m glad I got out this way, but I’m probably going to stick with beach walking in Douglas till I see more melting. Especially with more snow in the forecast for the next few days.

More March Sandy Beach

Some more photos from my walk today. This is testing a gallery style post:


I’m really lucky to have a beach within walking distance with so much history.

Reflective Pumphouse

I took this picture of an old Gold era pumphouse while walking on Sandy Beach on Douglas Island. I really liked how the reflection came out.

Early Voting in Alaska: Oct 24 – Nov 7

Monday, October 24, 2016 marks the start of early voting for the 2016 Presidential Election here in Alaska. I strongly encourage fellow Alaskans registered to vote to take advantage of early in-person voting. Vote as soon as you can and then encourage your friends to vote.

Voting Information


Haven’t made up your mind for other candidates, ballot measures or judges?

By this point, I think nearly everyone has made their choice in the Presidential race, so I’m not flogging that horse. But I want you to vote the entire ballot – state candidates, ballot measures and judicial retention candidates. If you need more information about these races, check out:


A word for protest voters – Alaska not the safe state you think it is

Some folks in Alaska vote third party for President not only because they dislike the available Democratic/Republican choices, but because traditionally Alaska is a Republican blowout state where the Republican nominee can count on winning the state by 15-30 points. Democrats can vote Green because any non-Republican Presidential vote is “throw away” under the Electoral College and very disgruntled Republicans can vote Libertarian because a win is a win whether it’s by 30 points or by 10 points.

That’s NOT the case this year. As of this writing (10/23/2016), aggregate polls for Alaska suggest that Donald Trump is barely FIVE points ahead of Clinton, according to FiveThirtyEight’s forecast for Alaska. Depending on which party’s voters are more motivated, Alaska could go either way. Though it is still somewhat leaning towards Trump.

If you are a protest voter – on either the left or the right, your decision to stay home or vote third party could actually swing Alaska one way or the other. Especially if turn out in Alaska is suppressed on Election Day due to either candidate doing well in eastern states.

Alaska – not a safe state this year. Think about it. Then vote. Early and the full ballot.

* – Neither Donald Trump nor Gary Johnson contributed candidate statements for Alaska’s General Election Pamphlet. Their parties were invited to contribute, but they missed the print deadline, but are being offered a second chance to show up in the online version. They have till October 25th to respond.

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