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Astronomy by Internet

Scientists have started to realize that a lot of us regular people can be a resource in analyzing scientific data, especially in Astronomy. So I’ve decided to start collecting these opportunities, both for myself and for you.

Solar System


  • Solar Storm Watch – Help researchers track solar storms. (Active Project of Zooniverse)
  • Sunspotter – Help scientists research sunspot complexity. Easy way to start citizen science!


  • MoonZoo – Classify features on the Moon. Spot Apollo leftover if lucky. Really. (Active Project of Zooniverse)


  • Dark Skies ISIS – Tell researchers what appears in pictures of Earth taken from the International Space Station. This project aims to map light pollution around the globe.


  • Be a Martian – Mars mapping project dressed up in youth oriented scifi themes. Fun.
  • Planet Four – citizen science project designed to help planetary scientists identify and measure features on the surface of Mars . . . the likes of which don’t exist on Earth

Comets, Asteroids and other minor objects

Other Stars and planetary systems

  • Planet Hunters (Zooniverse) – Manual inspection of Kepler data for planet prospects

Intersteller Medium

  • Stardust@Home – Look for intersteller dust grains in aerogel brought back from space.


  • GalaxyZoo – Classify Galaxies – (Active Project of Zooniverse)
  • Milky Way Project (Active Project of Zooniverse) – Aims to sort and measure our Galaxy through the measurement of infrared bubbles.

Other directories of astronomical citizen science projects

Robotic Telescopes (Do your Own Observations)

If you know of others, please send them my way!

Terms used by projects listed here:

  • Citizen Science
  • Participatory Exploration

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