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Daniel at Mendenhall Glacier

Eclectic Alaskan is the stand-alone personal blog of Daniel Cornwall, a librarian who lives in Juneau Alaska. Daniel has many opinions about many things, though he tries to back them up with facts when he can. Daniel is unafraid of opinions different from his own and sees no reason to suppress them.  He may be wrong and often is. Factual errors should stamped out as quickly as possible.

Daniel is annoyed by incivility and name calling and rarely puts up with it on his blog. If that’s what you want to do, then start your own blog.

If you’re looking for something more library oriented, check out Daniel’s Library Themed blog. This blog will rarely, if ever feature posts about Alaska state politics because Daniel works for the State of Alaska and believes in being neutral about the level of government he works for.

8 Responses

  1. Beautiful picture! Makes me want to visit.

  2. Congratulations, Dan! A well-deserved honor. I found you this time; I’m just sorry I failed to find you when I was in Juneau a couple of years ago.

    Carolyn Kohler
    Librarian Emeritus
    The University of Iowa Libraries

  3. Thanks Carolyn! If you make it back to Juneau, let me know. – Daniel

  4. Hi Daniel,

    Check out a new library blog from Lisa Printz.


    Take care,

  5. Hi.
    My name is Shaun.
    I’ve come across your blog, and, after consideration, decided to feature it on my own blog:


    If you would like for it to be removed from the blog, please let me know. If you would like anything added to the feature, let me know and I’ll change it to the best of my abilities.

    thank you,
    – S.

  6. Re your April post of the 1.5 hour film of the Matanuska Valley in the Nat. Archives. This film was made by Father Bernard Hubbard and crew in 1936 – late June-ish. In the 1980s I obtained a copy and edited it into an hour long silent which I showed around and narrated, getting 99% of the people identified. Later portions of it – along with sound footage from The March of Time made in 1935 – in the documentary “Alaska Far Away”, for which I was the historian.
    Glad you’re telling folks about Fr. Hubbard’s film.
    Jim Fox

  7. Absolutely excellent photo. You are my favorite Alaskan Librarian 😉

  8. Laura, Thanks!

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