The Sea Claims a Skiff

Caption: Sandy Beach “Mussel Boat” – ok, I don’t know what shellfish they are. 2/2/2020

I enjoy walking, but I don’t enjoy walking through snow much. Over time I’ve figured out that near low tide is a GREAT time to walk in winter if you have access to a beach. The sea wipes away the snow on the beach twice each day.

There was a break between snowstorms on Sunday and low tide was listed for 1pm or so. So about 11:30 I drove my car over ¼ mile or so of snow, parked my car and walked across the small strip of snow to the beach. It was so liberating for me to walk without worrying about slidey ice, or grippers or anything else. The sun was sorta out and it was mid 20s F. It was a beautiful day for Juneau Alaska.

The low tide was a negative tide. When I was out on the beach, it was minus 3.5 feet. That is, 3.5 feet below the mean sea level. That was enough to uncover the skif above. Pretty much completely covered in shells. If you looked really closely, you can see a few parts of the original boat showing through:

Caption: parts of the bones of the boat showing through the shells.

Here’s a different angle of the whole boat I found interesting:

Caption: Shell encrusted boat with Mt. Roberts in the background.

Old skifs claimed by the sea weren’t the only things on offer. The sky and mountains were pretty amazing too:

Caption: Sandy Beach, looking south.

If you’re on a wintery seashore, give a low tide walk a try. I hope you find it as relaxing as I do.

Caption: Sandy Beach decayed pilings, dark skies and snowy mountains.