Dependable Surf Scoters

Birds on water.

Surf Scoters, Gastineau Channel, January 23, 2011

I use Google Photos as my primary photo backup. The program “assists” me with stylized photos, offers to rotate photos, make photo books, etc. Sometimes I find it helpful and sometimes not. Another hit and miss feature that I choose to leave turned on is “Rediscover this day ….”

Recently, I got a hit. At least to me. The picture above is from nine years ago. Shortly after Google Photos brought this to mind, I looked out my back window onto the Gastineau Channel and saw another flock of surf scoters bobbing in the water. I didn’t get a photo of surf scoters 2020. I was comforted by the cycle of nature. Though it is far from Spring, these birds are a herald that warmer weather and more light awaits.