EJI June 25th, 1964: Hundreds Attack Anti-Segregation March in St. Augustine, Florida

On June 25, 300 anti-segregationist marchers who had spent the afternoon rallying at the site of St. Augustine’s former slave market, Slave Market Square, were violently attacked by over 200 white segregationists. The segregationists easily evaded police and physically assaulted the marchers. As the marchers fled, they were chased and attacked across the city’s downtown area. Close to fifty of the marchers were injured, and fifteen were treated at the city’s hospital. Several hours before the attacks on the marchers, seventy-five white segregationists had attacked a group of 100 African Americans who attempted to wade into the ocean at a local “white beach,” and twenty people were arrested. Such violent clashes between anti-segregationists and segregationists in St. Augustine continued throughout June 1964.

Source: A History of Racial Injustice – Equal Justice Initiative

Note: First paragraph of this article was snipped. I wanted to focus on the rage of the White people unwilling to share space with African Americans.

On the one hand I can barely comprehend that level rage. On another, I wonder if much of that rage, that desire to not share space with African Americans hasn’t simply been sublimated into calling the police on black folks apparently for being in places or neighborhoods “they aren’t supposed to be in.”