Budget season: Why you should care – City and Borough of Juneau

A note from my city about the budget process and notes about key dates. I’m appreciative of this reminder:

The snow is melting, flowers are starting to come up, it’s springtime in Juneau and that means it’s city budget season. It’s the time of year when the Assembly and city staff work with the public to come up with CBJ’s budget for the coming year. It’s an important process that the public usually pays scant attention to, perhaps because of perceived complexity of the process or the budget itself. Admittedly it’s a dry topic, but the public should care because every city expenditure is provided for in the budget – everything from funds for employee salaries to buying vehicles and equipment, from funds for emptying public trash cans to defending the city against litigation, funds for operating facilities to funds for plowing snow and fixing streets.

Source: Budget season: Why you should care – City and Borough of Juneau