Friday Walk Home

The weather here in Juneau, Alaska was so nice that I decided to walk home after work. Making this decision is also a decision to take the bus in the morning as I didn’t want to walk three miles both ways.

My walk took me along Juneau’s recently constructed Seawalk by the Douglas Bridge and over the bridge itself. I got what I thought were some good photos including:

View from Juneau Seawalk
Wandering footprints
Looking from Douglas side of bridge

If you’d like to see the other photos I took on my home home, see my Friday Afternoon album on Google Photos.

Adding in the seawalk portion, it was about 3.5 miles from MPOW to home. I definitely felt it in my legs last night. But this was just the first walk home of the year. I’m assuming I’ll work my way up to feeling better after the walks. It sure is great while I’m walking!