Gun-rights legislators: Walk the Walk!

It’s difficult to go through the news lately without seeing some Member of Congress or state legislator (pick a state, any state) say that the answer to mass shootings is more guns. They say things like “We need to abolish gun-free zones so that honest citizens can blast away at armed intruders!”

I question whether they really believe this or are simply foisting National Rifle Association (NRA) talking points onto their constituents. You see, the US Capitol Complex is a gun-free zone. EVERY. SINGLE. STATEHOUSE. is a gun free zone. EVERY statehouse that forces open carry on localities is a gun free zone.

If legislators really believe that more guns = more safety, then the first gun free zone they should abolish is their own. Seriously, if they can’t live by a law they make for others, they should not be passing it.  The first response to any legislation loosening where people can go armed should be — “Abolish your own gun-free zone, try it for a year and we’ll talk.”