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Going to Archival Mode

As most readers know, I’m a librarian. In my field there’s a saying that an untended social media outlet is like an unstaffed front desk – something we like to avoid.

I’ve been mostly scarce here and I’ve decided it’s time to bring this blog to a close. I will leave the current content up, but I do not intend any additional posts and will not respond to comments on any post but this one.

When I started this blog years ago, my main purposes were:

  • Share things that interested me
  • Share my photography
  • Write about politics and sometimes religion

In the past few years, I find that I’ve been sharing most things on Facebook. Also been sharing more of my political thoughts there – though I’ve gone back and forth over whether Facebook is the best place for that. I find a get a lot more reaction and discussion to things I post on Facebook than I do here.

This past year, I read a book that has led me to change how to approach politics, though I’m still in the process of implementing it. The book is:

Akadjian, David. 2014. The little book of revolution: a distributive strategy for democracy.

Mr Akadjian expresses a number of principles but two of the basics that are leading me to focus on Facebook as opposed to keeping a blog are:

  • Speak about your values as opposed to getting into fact wars
  • Focus on people you have a chance to persuade instead of wasting time on extremists who will never change.

I could do the first on this blog, but the second will be much easier on Facebook, since I know my friends better than the general audience of this blog. So that, combined with that I’m already sharing more stuff on Facebook, is leading me to freeze this blog.

If you’ve been interested in my “Working through CRAAP” series or other library/information/media literacy sorts of things, I am keeping my “professional” blog at librarianfromalaska.wordpress.com.

Thanks to all of you who have been regular readers of this blog. I’m somewhat sorry to leave most of you, but no one can be everywhere at once. We need to make decisions about where to spend our energy and I’m choosing an outlet with higher engagement.


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