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A Plea to Protest Voters

The authors of these pieces rarely line up their preferred Presidential voting strategies — third-party, write-in, refusal — with the electoral system as it actually exists. In 2016, that system will offer 130 million or so voters just three options:
A. I prefer Donald Trump be President, rather than Hillary Clinton.
B. I prefer Hillary Clinton be President, rather than Donald Trump.
C. Whatever everybody else decides is OK with me.
That’s it. Those are the choices. All strategies other than a preference for Trump over Clinton or vice-versa reduce to Option C.

via There’s No Such Thing As A Protest Vote – Medium

Back in August, Clay Shirky posted a piece on why protest votes at the Presidential level mostly get ignored. The Electoral College isn’t set up to receive different messages than what Clay shows above.

So unless you really cling to the belief that Clinton and Trump are moral equivalents, you should reconsider your vote if you haven’t voted early.

If you think it’s ok to vote third party or stay home because you live in a safe state for one or the other candidate, check out polling and predictions before you vote. Even ALASKA, which hasn’t gone blue since 1964 is looking close:




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