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Early Voting: Week of 10/24: AK, AR, ID, IL,TX, HI, LA, UT, WV, MD, FL, VA

Monday October 24

Tuesday October 25

Thursday October 27

Saturday October 29


When you vote, vote the whole ballot. Your down ballot candidates need you. If your state has initiatives or other ballot measures, your input is needed.

If you don’t live in the states above, you can type [“your state name” voting] into Google and get a voting schedule and requirements – BUT CHECK WITH YOUR STATE’S ELECTION OFFICE to make sure that’s the right information. It probably is, but don’t get disappointed.


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  1. I need to get mine done. One of the most frustrating things about mail in ballots is they often sit on the table, forgotten, til the last minute. I want mine out of the house soon!

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