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Early Voting Week of 10/17: GA, TN, KS, NC,WA, NV

Want to get the 2016 election over with? If you live in one the states below, you likely can thanks to early voting. If you’ve made up your mind, vote this week and get it done:

Monday October 17

Wednesday October 19

  • Tennessee
  • Kansas – In some counties, early voting might be November 1-7

Thursday October 20

Friday October 21

Saturday October 22


When you vote, please vote the whole ballot, including initiatives if you have them. With Congress people think about whether you want to aid or hinder the next President in their agenda and vote accordingly.

If you don’t live in the states above, you can type [“your state name” voting] into Google and get a voting schedule and requirements – BUT CHECK WITH YOUR STATE’S ELECTION OFFICE to make sure that’s the right information. It probably is, but don’t get disappointed.

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