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Sign if you agree: The next presidential debate needs to discuss SCOTUS

The first presidential debate did not include a single question about the Supreme Court. Now’s our chance to make sure it is brought up in the next one. It’s vital that perhaps the biggest issue on the ballot this November –the Supreme Court – gets adequate airtime during the first debate.

via Sign if you agree: The next presidential debate needs to discuss SCOTUS

Regardless of which side you fall on, I hope you will ask the moderators of the next debate to ask about the Supreme Court – both in terms of what sort of judge they’d look for and what groups, if any they’d expect to have input into the process.


3 Responses

  1. We can only hope the two actually discuss ANY items of import. it is a reality show and the saddest part? The ratings involve our country, not a network.

  2. I completely agree on all counts.

  3. No, the debate should not talk about the Supreme Court. What would we want or expect the candidates to say? Provide a list of possible nominees? Put forth litmus tests for each side? That would be a short and misleading discussion.

    NO NO NO! I want a president who will choose smart, mature judges and justices who will make decisions based on the law. I don’t want judges and justices who promise ahead of time how they will vote, because we don’t know yet what they’re going to have to vote on.

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