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Voter Registration in Arkansas – Register by October 9th!

Am I registered to vote when I send in my voter registration form?
No, submitting your voter application at a state agency, in a voter registration drive or through the U.S. Postal Service does NOT guarantee your registration. You should follow up on the status of your registration just as you would on any other personal business matter. Before considering yourself a registered voter, you must receive an acknowledgment of your registration from the county clerk.

Unfortunately each Election Day, many would-be first-time voters in Arkansas do not have their votes counted because they are not actually registered to vote. Many believed they had registered months before, but failed to follow up when they did not receive a voter ID card from their county clerk. The process of voter registration is convenient, but it also places responsibility on the registrant to ensure the process is completed.

Follow up on your Voter Registration before election time!

via Arkansas Secretary of State: Voter Registration FAQs

Since the Arkansas voting office is so stern about confirming voter registration, I’m quoting their FAQ.

Further down it says you be be registered 30 prior to the general election to be able to vote. 30 days before the election is 10/9/2016, but of course I say the earlier, the better.

You can check your voter status with Arkansas’ Voter View. If you’re not registered, use their voter resources page to get registered. Then be sure and vote on November 8th.

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