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#Imwithher – I’m Voting Clinton, Despite Living in Red, Red, State

If you’re a rare long time reader you might be surprised that I intend to vote for Hillary Clinton for President of the United States. Sure, I lean left, but in April I wrote that since Alaska was a likely blowout for the Republican nominee, I had all but decided to vote third-party (Green or Libertarian). I did lecture people in swing states to vote for Clinton, mostly due to the importance of upcoming Supreme Court retirements.

In May, I again called on swing state progressives to vote for Clinton if she was the nominee because of these very real differences between her and any likely Republican victor:

GLBT Rights  – Ted Cruz can be relied on to try and roll back gains by the GLBT community – start up a Constitutional Amendment defining marriage as between man and woman and use his status as Commander in Chief to toss gays and lesbians out of the military. I don’t know whether Rubio or Bush would initiate such things, but either would certainly bow to the will of a Republican Congress in these areas. Clinton would not. She would accept that things have changed.

Climate Change – Clinton accepts the scientific consensus on human caused climate change. Republicans are still arguing on whether climate change is real at all.

Women’s Issues – Clinton would be better on women’s issues. Republicans, including most of the current crop of candidates have been fighting equal pay/equal work laws.

Net Neutrality – Clinton supports net neutrality. Republicans don’t.

Supreme Court nominees – I sincerely believe Clinton would nominate balanced nominees. I think any of the Republicans would appoint a series of Scalias.

Funny how Donald J. Trump wasn’t even on my radar as the likely Republican nominee.

Now it’s late July, the conventions are over and Donald J Trump, a man lacking the government experience that Sarah Palin brought to 2008 Republican ticket is now the nominee. Also a man who wants to build a Berlin Wall like fortress on our southern border,  that one’s ethnic background AUTOMATICALLY disqualifies them from sitting on cases where Trump is a litigant, who believes the Chinese acted responsibly by carrying out the Tiananmen Square massacre, who considers himself his own best adviser and who wants to impose religious tests for residency is the Republican nominee. A man who claims to be the voice of the disenfranchised worker poor but who stiffs his contractors and fleeced people through Trump University is the Republican nominee. And don’t get me started on how personally insulting he is to women and anyone who disagrees with him.

It also frightens me that for the most part, Donald Trump’s program is Donald Trump. We’re to believe that he will make us safe and prosperous simply because he is such a great businessman – details will come later. But we can’t see the tax returns that would prove his wealth and income. Just believe in Donald Trump and a new golden age will come to pass.

No. I am not following the strongman on horseback. Like Hillary Clinton, I believe that America is Stronger Together. That we all have a role in making America better.

I’ve also realized that just because the Electoral College gives me cover to vote third-party in Alaska, I should be doing the same thing that I’m asking others do – vote for Hillary Clinton. I’ve also come to realize that domestic policy wise, Clinton has a lot to recommend her to progressives. Also, during their time in the Senate together, Clinton and Sanders (my initial candidate) voted together 93% of the time. And it looks like I’m closer to Clinton on immigration than Sanders is.

Yes, I’m not going to agree with her on war making and her traditional stance on trade, but it’s not like Trump is going to be better on war and he picked a TPP supporter as his running mate. Everything else I like Clinton on. So mine will be a vote for her as much as it is against Trump.

In the next 100 days, I’ll be making cases for Clinton and against Trump. I am going to try to observe the following rules in doing so. Call me out if I break them in a fit of zealotry:

  1. I am not going to make fun of Trump’s physical features. I find all the talk about his hair, skin and hands distracting from his frightening vision of America under the rule of someone who has Putin and Saddam as leadership/”law and order” role models.
  2. I will not attack Trump’s supporters for their intelligence level nor make blanket assumptions about their motives. This is mostly a practical move – few people are ever persuaded by name calling. Also, while I do believe that white racists are mostly supporting Trump, I don’t think you can jump from there and say ALL Trump supporters are racists. Some are supporting Trump because neither party has been able to fix their broken communities. See these two articles for a larger view of what drives Trump voters:
    1. Millions of ordinary Americans support Donald Trump. Here’s why, by Thomas Frank, The Guardian, 3/7/2016
    2. Not even my wife knows’: secret Donald Trump voters speak out, Emails compiled by Amber Jamieson, The Guardian, 3/3/2016
  3. I will always spell Trump “Trump.” I think the plays on his name don’t do anything for people who aren’t already against him. Another thing to distract from is thin-skinned mocking character.

Because Presidential Elections bring out a lot of passion, I encourage you to read my comment policy before commenting. Additionally, if you post something about EITHER candidate that has been disproven elsewhere, it will be deleted without comment and you’ll be put on the “always moderate” list. So consider checking your claims against one of the following fact checking sites before commenting here:

Think that one or more of these sites are “in the tank” for Clinton/Trump? Find yourself another blog to comment on. I’m 50 and I’ve lost some of my former patience for eternal back and forth over discredited rumors.


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  1. Even if you have had your head in the sand and are just relying on one of the sites you list, you cannot not have serious concerns about Trump. Almost nothing he states is truth.

  2. Hoooray! This is a great post–although, I disagree with you on your choice. i mean, really. Look at her ankles. :o) But seriously, I applaud your stand and your thoughts. Once again, hooray!

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