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Vote – It’s Important

I’ve heard some people tell me that voting doesn’t make a difference. It does, at least to the Republican Party. They think voting is important enough that they called for extra hoops for people to jump through, at least that’s how I interpret this phrasing from page 7 of their 2016 Platform:

We are concerned, however, that some voting procedures may be open to abuse. For this reason, we support legislation to require proof of citizenship when registering to vote and secure photo ID when voting. We strongly oppose litigation against states exercising their sovereign authority to enact such laws.

If voting was meaningless, why would Republicans want to make it harder to vote (know where YOUR birth certificate or passport are? Those of all your family members?) AND make it harder for voters to challenge such restrictions.

Make a difference in the next election. Vote. All the way down the ballot.


If the PDF file doesn’t come up, you should be able to find the platform at https://www.gop.com/the-2016-republican-party-platform/


2 Responses

  1. Proofs and photo ID are a good idea. Voting should be as important as getting a valid driver’s or fishing or hunting license. Although, using your old driver’s license isn’t considered a proper ID when getting the new one. And I know a couple oldsters who had trouble getting their new ones, because they didn’t have a birth certificate and had never needed one for anything before. !!!

  2. Hi Kris, Thanks for stopping by! If every citizen had the same access to documentation and ease of submitting it to the government, I’d have no problem with requiring citizenship documents at registration and a photo id at the voting booth.

    However, it is often the case that people live far away from vital records offices and/or DMV offices. It’s certainly true in Alaska. And if people can theoretically get to offices, the offices may only be open regular business hours. A lot of people have work and/or child care issues that may keep them from visiting the offices to get documentation. Finally, there are fees involved involved in getting documentation. In some cases this may become a poll tax – especially for elderly and young voters who don’t drive and wouldn’t need a driver’s license for anything but voting.

    I think it would be better to have people sign an affadavit that they are citizen when registering and have the elections division do random audits for citizenship. Take the burden of participation off the voter. For voting, I think a number of ids including voter id cards should be accepted.

    Again, thanks for stopping by and I hope you’ve made your plans for voting in November, whether in person or absentee.

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