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Tiny Roses

A story of tiny roses from a much drier climate than we’re used to here in Southeast Alaska.

Your Present Blessings

I was never much of a fan for succulents. They seemed like plants that cheated. I know it seems crazy, but I loved bulbs and ferns and water loving plants better. It was a product of where I had lived on the Oregon Coast. Succulents grew rapidly with little water and took over when you weren’t looking. They offended me!  After moving to the eastern part of the state and killing way too many plants because I couldn’t water them enough, I unwillingly moved to the succulent species.

After the first year, I was sold on them. They did many lovely things and they were full of tiny surprises. I also enjoyed how easy they were share. Many of mine came from other people’s yards. Free is a very good price when it comes to flowers and I think of my friends when I look at the different plants. I went…

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