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How Will Rep Young Pay for More Military?

One of my recent alerts from Congress.gov shows that Rep. Don Young has cosponsored these two bills:


  • H.R. 4534 – To recognize the importance of the land forces of the United States Armed Forces and to revise the fiscal year 2016 end-strength levels for these Land Forces and specify new permanent active duty end strength minimum levels, and for other purposes.
  • H.R. 4537 – To prohibit the use of military installations to house aliens who do not have a lawful immigration status or are undergoing removal proceedings in the United States.

There’s no text yet available for HR 4534, but the title implies that he proposes to increase the size of the US Army. Rep. Young is on the record as strongly opposing tax hikes or other revenue raisers. Yet increasing the size of the Army will have a cost, both in current payrolls and later in providing the benefits to veterans that they deserve.

Rep. Young should explain how he intends to pay for more soldiers. If he won’t tax, he either needs to cut something or borrow money to pay our soldiers. We deserve to know what he will do.

If you see the text of the bill before I do and see that it’s a proposal to REDUCE the size of our land forces, let me know and I’ll post a retraction.

HR 4537 just seems to be a needless restriction on the executive branch. We detain many, many aliens prior to removal – often for years. If we’re going to continue this practice (which I disagree with) the government needs more places to house them, not fewer.




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  1. pandering to the low info moronic republican voters,, that is all this amounts to,, no substance, no real ideas.

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