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Cool Blog – Our Third Thirds: On my own December calendar

But it wasn’t till now, in my Third Third and not part of a consistent work place, that I realize the rhythm of my calendar has changed. I’m on my own calendar, not the work place holiday calendar, not the school vacation calendar, not the Christmas shopping calendar. Yes, there are a lot more parties and receptions – and there were all those pre-holiday crafts fairs – but that only changes my entertainment, not the schedule of my days.

via Our Third Thirds: On my own December calendar.

Merry Christmas to Christians everywhere and best of the winter holidays to all others.

The quote above is from a blog pointed out to me by the author. It’s a set of reflections on life after 60, which the blog author chooses to call the “Third thirds.” Here’s how she defines the thirds:

If the first third of our lives is what I call Preparing for Adulthood and the second third is maybe Parenting/Professional Life, then what does the Third Third — after 60 — look like? I’m stumbling and crashing, exploring and growing (I hope). You, too?

So far, I’ve found all of the entries I’ve read to be pretty engaging and I hope you will too.


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