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NaNo Day 1: History and Goals

Today is the first day of National Novel Writing Month. This is my fourth year of participating. It is also my fourth year of being a NANO Rebel because I’m not using the month to write an actual novel of fiction. For two years I wrote non-fiction works. One of those efforts is now the Writer’s Guide to Government Information website, a set of annotated resources dedicated to the idea that free research sources from the US State and Federal Governments can add interesting and realistic details to one’s fiction writing. Last year I wrote a set of short stories using dice and word tables for writing prompts. I did make 50,000 words each year. I don’t know if I will this year.

This year I have two goals with my NANO project. First I want to restart my “write every day” practice. I think I do better as both a writer and as a person when I’m actively writing instead of just receiving information and entertainment. Especially in a world where news has passed into entertainment. Second, I hope to answer a number of questions from the NANO reference board using the resources I compiled into Writer’s Guide to Government Information.

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