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BAD IDEA – Obama to send small Special Operations force to Syria – The Washington Post

The latest deployment will involve fewer than 50 Special Operations advisers, who will work with resistance forces­ battling the Islamic State in northern Syria but will not engage in direct combat, Obama administration officials said.

via Obama to send small Special Operations force to Syria – The Washington Post.

Aside from being illegal under International Law (Think China sending “advisers” to “help out” with a US secessionist movement), this deployment smacks of wanting to “do something” and “look tough.” Our previous efforts to try train the Syrian resistance was an abject failure and now we think that 50 advisers, no matter how capable, will turn the tide of battle?

If history is a guide, the advisers, while performing the best they can, will not be able to affect the stalemate. Then we’ll send in more people. They’ll be more deaths, after which we’ll “have” to send more troops so the previous soldiers won’t have “died in vain” – all to replace a horrible dictator with an Islamist state. Either that or we could try occupying the country with 150,000 soldiers because that was such a great idea in Iraq.

This is a terrible idea. As sad as it is, the Syrians need to sort this out for themselves. We don’t need yet another war. A war of choice at that. A dumb idea under Bush, still dumb and tragic under Obama.

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