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Don Young Rejects Slowing Down Iran, Wants to do, what? Iraq II?

Only a few hours after I wrote Representative Don Young asking him to accept the Iran Deal, I received his latest Washington Update e-mail, which quoted from his July 14 2015 press release on the Iran Deal. He’s against it. I’m not too surprised. But what does surprise me is that he acknowledges the Iran Deal will make it harder for Iran to get a bomb (bolding mine):

As the Administration prepares to roll out its dog and pony show in support of this deal, the fact remains that this agreement, if properly enforced, will only delay Iran’s longstanding pursuit of a nuclear weapon, while providing billions of dollars in sanctions relief that support radicalism in the region.

So, by Representative Young’s own admission, this deal will delay any Iranian nuclear weapon. But he doesn’t want to do that. His press release is silent on what he wants to do instead after the deal is disproved.

So what are the options? A better deal is out of the question. This deal was months late and represents the maximum Iran is willing to offer. This offer has already been accepted by the European Union and the UN Security Council. They want to give the deal a chance to work. They’re not going to want to try dragging Iran back to the table to make more concessions. Russia and China will veto any effort at new global sanctions on Iran.

So, if a new deal isn’t in the cards, what then?

1) We do nothing at all, which in Don Young’s view brings Iran closer to a nuclear weapon than accepting the Iran Deal.

2) We take military action. Now Representative Young may want us to believe that a few weeks of air strikes are all we need to erase Iran’s nuclear capability. But that’s not realistic. Proponents of air power have promised to bring nations into compliance since the German Air Force promised Hitler that Britain could be eliminated from World War II by air power alone. It didn’t work then. It didn’t work to neutralize the Viet Cong during the Vietnam War. It’s not making much of a dent in ISIS in either Iraq or Syria. I’ve lost count of how often Israel has bombed Gaza without getting Hamas to stop flinging unguided missiles at it. Bombing isn’t going to erase all of Iran’s nuclear sites or eliminate the means to start over.

So we’d need a regime changing ground force. TEN YEARS of occupying Iraq failed to bring us the government we wanted. Why does anyone think we could do better in Iran – a larger country whose citizens are proud of their nuclear power program?

So Don Young doesn’t like the Iran Deal and implies that he’ll vote against it. If he does, he’ll be voting to either do nothing at all or take our country into another pointless “preventive war” that will fracture the region further and send more of our servicemembers home as cripples or in body bags. No thanks. Take the deal.

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