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Dragged into the 21st Century: Mobile Deposit

I’ve read about making deposits with your smartphone for a few years now. With my last credit union app update — several months ago I think — I gained the ability to do mobile deposit. But I still resisted. It just seemed weird that I could take photos of my checks to the bank. Something just didn’t feel right.

Then I went through a two week stretch of really, really intending to make to the bank to make a few deposits. But I keep forgetting to go after work. By last Friday I was ready to give it a try. While I could find the mobile deposit agreement, I couldn’t find the function itself, but an e-mail to the credit union cleared that up. During my lunch on Monday I got out my two checks, endorsed them and fired up my banking app. I went to “mobile deposit” and it was really straightforward. All I had to do was:

  • Type in the amount of the check.
  • Take a picture of the front of the check with the signature to the right.
  • Take a picture of the back of the check with my endorsement to the right. There was even a shaded spot where my endorsement was supposed to fit.
  • Hit the submit button.

I got e-mails telling me the checks were received and then more e-mails letting me know the checks had been successfully added to my account. After a specified waiting time I don’t have in front of me, I should destroy the physical checks.

The whole process made me feel bad about being so resistant. I’m definitely going to use this method from now on. Though if my credit union was still next door to me, I might still take checks over.

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