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Try Your Hand at Balancing Alaska’s Budget

Session 5 Debrief Form (doc)
Economic Considerations with Revenue Options (PDF), Dan Robinson
Fiscal and Revenue Options (PDF), Commissioner Randy Hoffbeck
Updated! 6/7 Revenue and Expenditure Model (xlsx)
The Conversation Overiew (PDF), Bill Dann
Alaska Budget Overview (PDF), OMB Director Pat Pitney
An Introduction To Alaska Fiscal Facts and Choices (PDF), Gunnar Knapp
Potential Revenue and Fiscal Options (PDF), Revenue White Paper
Updated! 6/11 Participant List (PDF)
Conversation Schedule (PDF)
Legislative Fiscal Analyst’s Overview of the Governor’s FY2016 Request (PDF)
Lunch & Learn: Budget Overview by David Teal 3/26/15 (External Link)

via Alaska Governor Bill Walker.

Dear Alaskan Readers, I hope you will share this post far and wide. As part of Governor Walker’s Alaska’s Future’s initiative, anyone can download the Revenue and Expenditure Model spreadsheet and play around with different options in Alaska’s budget to see if you can keep the state from running out of money before 2030.

The spreadsheet allows you to make assumptions about the average price of oil, make choices about taxes and PFD earnings, and reduce spending. My only complaint is that the max cut you can give an agency is 30%. I’d prefer an option that allowed you to eliminate entire agencies if you wanted. Division level zero outs would be even better.

I tried my own hand at this. I assumed $60/barrel oil. I cut every department by 30% and tried a variety of PFD limits and taxes. I couldn’t make it work. A friend of my assumed $200/barrel oil and she couldn’t get it to work – though she didn’t share what else she did.

Can YOU keep Alaska solvent through 2030? If so, please show your work. Our state needs all the help it can get.

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