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Gunnar Knapp, An Introduction to Alaska Fiscal Facts and Choices (6.5…

via Gunnar Knapp, An Introduction to Alaska Fiscal Facts and Choices (6.5….

A 44 slide presentation by Gunnar Knapp of Alaska’s Institute for Social and Economic Research (ISER). To me, this is a very clear introduction to our long term budget problems and possible ways to start solving them.

I’d like to point out that if your preferred solution to Alaska’s current budget crisis is cuts only, then you need to accept the partial government shutdown budget. Governor Walker has funded government operations to the extent of our current revenues.

More cuts are certainly part of any budget solution. But we will be crippled as a state if we don’t look at anything else. Also, we’re past the point where we can look for “efficiencies.” The fat was cut awhile back. In our cutting process, we will need to look at what the state government should not be doing at all. That way, whatever government is left doing can be done well.


Partial Government Shutdown Information from Department of Administration

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