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Juneau Sun Madness Continues

imageThere are some residents of Juneau that can resist the pull of sunshine. I’m not one of these people unless utterly exhausted or on my deathbed. Today was sunny and mid 70s (F). I worked late last night, so I was able to leave early today. I live about three miles from work. So on nice days when I’m not driving home with my spouse, I like to walk home. It seemed like a good idea and for the most part it was.

I was dressed in tan slacks and a light Hawaiian shirt when I walked out of MPOW about 3pm. I liked being able to watch seabirds, ravens and eagles on my way home. We were at low tide so I was also treated to long stretches of brown, yellow and green seaweed along the sea side of the road.

I did get hot though and yearned for my hat. My walk home was long sunny stretches interspersed with small patches of shade brought to the road by tall evergreens. I slowed down in those patches. I couldn’t bring myself to stop because I wanted to keep a steady pace. After about an hour, I made it home. So grateful.

I wouldn’t say I was too overheated. After all, everyone who walks home immediately changes into shorts, downs three tall glasses of water and eats six stalks of celery. Right?

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