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Day 15: More Random Musings

In a previous post, I said I intended to drop the “Day ___” from my Write. Every. Day. type posts unless it was a meaningful milestone to me or I was restarting a streak. I’m throwing that out the window for this post because the only reason this blog exists is for me to make another mark on the calendar. So putting the day number in the post title seems appropriate.

As I write this, it is 4:45am Alaska Time. I’m writing the post now because I’m working till 6pm tonight instead of my usual 4:30pm. I figure that by the time I get home and make dinner, I won’t feel like writing. This will be doubly true if I walk the three miles from work to my home. I might because we’re supposed to be back into sunny weather. I might not because one of the perks of working till 6pm on some Thursdays is being able to leave work at 3pm and I’ll almost certainly walk home tomorrow. But either way, it seems likely I’ll be too tired to write tonight.

Writing this early in the morning though, I didn’t have any great ideas for a post theme. A lot of my intellectual energy these days has been spent watching the Legislature’s reaction to our cash flow problem. I’ve been obsessing over the #akleg tag on Twitter. I’ve been forming strong opinions. But I’m not going to share them here. I’ve had a long standing policy against criticizing the level of government that I am employed by. I was able to hold my tongue during the Sarah Palin years and I’m holding it now. I MAY have something to say if I actually have a layoff notice in my hands.

So, being unwilling to write about my obsession of the moment, what could I write on? I thought about a post on last fall’s trip to Monterrey California and how I fell in instant love or at least infatuation with it, but I could only think of a few sentences to go with the photo I had in mind. So you get to read, skim or skip another post on writing about writing. Hopefully tomorrow I will have something more interesting for you.

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