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Cooking Thoughts

imageA few days ago, I wrote about how I used the Douglas Public Library as a work space to finally organize my loose collected recipes into a binder.

I just wanted to write that I have started to put my binder to use. Our Full Circle Farm box arrived yesterday and had one bunch of spinach. I usually use most of the spinach before it spoils by putting into sandwiches and salads. But I wanted to see if I could do something more creative with it. I opened up my binder, looked under side dishes and found the recipe above.

While this recipe is technically for kale, it says it can be used for just about any other green. I wound up making another substitution. I don’t have fresh garlic on hand, so I used some of my near infinite store of garlic powder. I think I used a heaping teaspoon. I was afraid I would have to substitute something for the balsamic vinegar, but happily there was a third of a bottle in the back of a cabinet I hadn’t touched for months. It’s got enough vinegar to make this recipe ten times over. Which I expect to. Even with garlic powder and god knows how old vinegar, I really liked how this spinach and onion dish turned out and so did my wife. I’m looking forward to trying this dish with the other greens — after I get more fresh garlic.

Aside from fulfilling my “Write. Every. Day” requirement, I’m sharing this story because I’m happy that I progressed from:

“What I am going to do with all these stupid loose recipes?” to “I could put them into a binder, but where’s a #$%#$ three hole punch and space to organize?” to “Great! Now I have a binder of recipes, 80% of which I’ve never tried.” to “I’m using my organized recipes to cook something while it is still fresh. This is awesome!”

I got some pleasure in my life by taking some small steps. I hope you will have a similar experience soon.


Douglas Public Library Helped Me Solve a Problem, 5/24/2015

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