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Douglas Public Library Helped Me Solve a Problem

I had a problem today. I had a bunch of recipe clippings and printouts I wanted to consolidate into a recipe binder. This problem had two sub problems:

– No table space to sort recipes.

– Couldn’t find my three-hole punch

Where could I find a workspace that came with basic office supplies? Right. My public library just two blocks from me. So I gathered all of my loose recipes into an envelope, grabbed my three-ring recipe binder and walked over to the Douglas Public Library. The staff was friendly and gave me what I needed. I was able to use their meeting room so that I could sort my recipes by type of dish using two tables. It was a luxury to have so much sorting space and it made the job more quickly and in better comfort than I could have managed at home.

After an hour and a half, I was able to discard duplicate recipes, stuff I didn’t really want to try, and left with a well organized recipe binder that is starting to inspire me to cook at home more.

Do you have a project that needs a little more room and/or organization? Consider your local library as a project space. Then check out what else they have to offer.


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