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Day 3: Of Hiking and Makerspaces


Today I hiked the Perseverance Trail in Juneau, Alaska. Along the way I caught this fuzzy picture of a grouse running away from me. I’ve seen more grouse on the trail this year. Not sure if there really are more or if I’m just noticing them more.

If you come to Juneau and you’re in moderate physical condition, I strongly recommend this trail. It is three miles long and offers some great waterfall views as well as a number of mining artifacts. It is up and down but at no point does it shift from walking to climbing. Though if you want to climb, that is easily arranged. Branching off from the Perseverance Trail at the Mt. Juneau Trail, a difficult trail with about a 10 hour round trip and the Granite Creek Trail, which is a vigorous but not uber-difficult hike into a basin with a couple of ponds.

I started my morning by taking the main trail. Parts of the trail have been covered with broken rocks and there is almost always a threat of more coming down. Much of the trail is along the swiftly flowing Gold Creek. One simply must pause from time to time to enjoy the flow of rushing water. The trail is in a canyon/basin, so beautiful snow topped mountains were bearing down on me each step of the way. There is a hill at the end of the current trail that I paused at for a few minutes to take a drink of water and to photograph the grouse above.

I finished my hike earlier than I expected to. I covered the six mile round trip in two hours twenty minutes rather than the three to four hour time frame I had given myself. So I decided to go to Community Day at the University of Alaska Southeast (UAS) in order to visit the Juneau Makerspace booth. I had learned about their presence through their Facebook page. I drove the 15 or so miles from the trailhead to UAS and counted myself blessed to find a parking spot close to the festivities. My hike had left my stomach growling, so the Makerspace booth with not my first stop. I found a place that was making bratwurst dogs. It barely fit the bun and the sauerkraut and mustard were great finishing touches. It practically melted in my mouth and let me focus on the faire.

Juneau Makerspace is just getting started. They don’t have a permanent home yet but have incorporated as a non-profit. I need to donate to them. Today they were demonstrating a 3D printer that seemed reasonably speedy. It wasn’t a Makerbot, but I’m not sure what brand it was. They also had the parts to wooden toolboxes that kids were putting together with the help of adults. I watched for a bit and introduced myself to the people in the booth. As a librarian tasked with tracking emerging tech and trends, I have an interest in the makerspace movement. Though as someone with too much stuff in his house already, I’m not sure how much I’ll be making for myself. Though I would like to help make stuff for others.

It looked like the kids had things covered for building the toolboxes so I drifted away from the booth. I noticed that Coppa – my favorite ice cream place in Juneau had a booth. So I had to have a Belgian chocolate ice cream cone. I could have had Devil’s Club or Spruce Tip ice cream, but today I played it safe. Perhaps next time I drop by the main shop.

And that’s Day 3 of this installment of “Write Every Day.”


Perseverance Trail, Juneau Alaska

Juneau Makerspace on Facebook

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