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Day 1: Of Calendar Mistakes, Walking and Volatile Weather

Today is my restart of “write every day.” My previous streak was eight days.

Today’s forecast was 80% rain, so I decided to walk in the Dimond Park Field House – an indoor field and track we are fortunate to have in Juneau. I hadn’t been there awhile and didn’t remember the hours, so I checked their calendar. I figured they’d be open at 9am Saturday.

When I drove out to the facility it was overcast but not raining. I started to wonder if I had read the calendar wrong when the parking lot was empty. I parked, got out my indoor shoes and headed to the door. It was locked. I used my phone to check the calendar again and realized I had missed one line of important text. Adding this to the calendar view I realized the Field House would not be open until 10am. It was 9:05am. I looked at the ground – moist but not sopping. None of the evergreen trees surrounding the lot were dripping water. I remembered that the Field House was an alternate trail head for the Brotherhood Bridge trail. I mulled my options – Brotherhood Bridge was long enough for the extended walking experience I wanted this morning. But weather can be tricky – I pictured pulling a Marianne Dashwood from Sense and Sensibility. I wanted to walk, but I didn’t want to be a drowned rat either. But … I really didn’t want to wait 50 minutes to walk. So I took off for the Brotherhood Bridge Trail.

I had an extremely pleasant walk through mossy woods and past tiny streams. Little sparrows keep appearing on my path and then dashing away again as I approached. I let the scenery soak into me as I listened to music, something I don’t usually do on outdoor trails. Some of the shuffled tunes were from Fellowship of Ring and I was reminded of Fanghorn Forest or even Lothlorien as I strolled. I got to River Road end of the trail and turned around. Still no rain at all. I finally felt a few drops just as I was coming to the cutover back to the Field House. Another choice – keep going on the Brotherhood Bridge trail? Or go to the now-open Field House to finish my workout? I looked up. There were a few sprinkles here and there. The clouds were starting to get a good deal darker then they had been. But I could handle sprinkles. But I wasn’t dressed for anything harder. Whereas I had decided in favor of risk before, I chose the safe option now and entered the Field House.

My indoor shoes turned out to be very worn and they felt uncomfortable against the track. Still, I walked to music for 35 minutes because I had used up one of my punches. Then I went downstairs, changed into my street clothes and walked out. Into a heavy, heavy downpour. I was wet by the time I got into the car and then it rained hard enough to cut visibility to a quarter-mile as I was driving home. If I had been out walking, I would have received the full Marianne Dashwood soaking I’d been worried about. As it was I was sorta damp and driving very carefully.

About two miles from home, the rain abruptly stopped and I almost needed sunglasses. By the time I got home, it was raining again, but only lightly. That’s weather in Juneau for you.

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