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There’s no difference between Cruz/Rubio/Bush/Clinton – NOT

I’m supporting Senator Bernie Sanders in the Democratic primaries for President. I’ve donated to his campaign and am crossing my fingers. I will donate to the eventual Democratic nominee in the fall if any of the current Republican candidates clinch the nomination. Because I live in Alaska, a state that routinely goes Republican by 10 – 30 points in elections, I will vote for a liberal 3rd party unless Sanders is the Democratic nominee. If my vote here is wasted anyway, it might as well show that Corporate Democrats can’t keep throwing us progressive under the bus year after year.

Having said the above, I now get to the title of my blog post. A fellow Sanders supporter said, “There’s no difference between Cruz/Rubio/Bush/Clinton” If this sentiment becomes widespread it could spoil Democratic chances in swing states which I don’t want to see happen. I would vote for nominee Clinton in a swing state where my vote could make a difference because Clinton is different on a number of issues:

GLBT Rights  – Ted Cruz can be relied on to try and roll back gains by the GLBT community – start up a Constitutional Amendment defining marriage as between man and woman and use his status as Commander in Chief to toss gays and lesbians out of the military. I don’t know whether Rubio or Bush would initiate such things, but either would certainly bow to the will of a Republican Congress in these areas. Clinton would not. She would accept that things have changed.

Climate Change – Clinton accepts the scientific consensus on human caused climate change. Republicans are still arguing on whether climate change is real at all.

Women’s Issues – Clinton would be better on women’s issues. Republicans, including most of the current crop of candidates have been fighting equal pay/equal work laws.

Net Neutrality – Clinton supports net neutrality. Republicans don’t.

Supreme Court nominees – I sincerely believe Clinton would nominate balanced nominees. I think any of the Republicans would appoint a series of Scalias.

I think these are meaningful differences. But if I can have those differences PLUS some new thinking on economic and foreign policy, I’d rather have that. That’s why I’m supporting Senator Sanders in his primary run. I think it would be great if he succeeded and offered the country a clear choice beyond the social issues campaigns have fought since 1980. But if not, I think Clinton would deserve support from people who lived in states that didn’t have a Republican lock on the electoral votes.

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