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Day 5 Write Every Day: Random Thoughts

Five days ago, I committed to writing every day and to do it through my blog. I have a few other blogs and when I write there, I’ll link to it here.

However, today I don’t have much for a full length post. It might be because of a three-day virtual conference I just now finished, some lingering sleep issues or that one of the things I feel most strongly about is something I can’t write here.

Hm. Maybe some of my posts here can be “Yes! Writing was accomplished today. In my journal.” But I digress.

I’m working my way through a book and audiobook. The book is called Hillerman Country, a beautiful coffee table book of southwestern Indian country. Author Tony Hillerman published it in 1991 and it features full-page photographs with commentary from Hillerman. Some of the commentary is religious/cultural and some of it is personal history. The book has quotes from his “Navajo Police” novels throughout. So far I’m only about a quarter of the way through, but I’m very engaged by the beauty of the photographs and Hillerman’s writing.

The audiobook I’m working through is called Survival of the Sickest and it explores the mystery of the persistence of fairly deadly genetic diseases. The author makes a convincing case that these diseases, or the genes that carry them have been protection against a number of infectious diseases. Being an audiobook it’s not easy to check his sources. I’m enjoying the book but haven’t made much time for listening. I probably need to put it on my workout listening schedule. If you live in a community served by Listen Alaska Plus, you can put yourself on the hold list for this book.

Continuing the randomness theme, the Sun finally poked out its head today. It was wonderful after nearly a week of pouring rain. Sadly, I think it will go back to pouring rain tomorrow. Rain shouldn’t bother me so much as I knew what I was signing up for back in 1998 when I moved to Juneau. I made a point of looking at the climate records. I knew coming in that Juneau had twice as much rain as Seattle and that it averaged about four clear days a month. But once again intellectual knowledge isn’t the same as real life experience.

That’s all I got for today. See you tomorrow sometime.

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