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3/10/2015: Senator Dan Sullivan – Cosponsored Legislation

From my Congress.gov alerts:

There has been activity on bills associated with Senator Dan Sullivan.

Bills cosponsored:

  • S. 431 – Internet Tax Freedom Forever Act

This bill would permanently bar taxes on internet access. If that includes the FCC’s Universal Service Fund, this could be very bad for schools, libraries and hospitals as more and more telecom service moves to the ‘net. If the internet can’t have fees like phone lines, a lot of institutions will be stuck in the slow lane forever.

More worrying, but something I’m not positive this bill does would be to prevent states and localities from EVER imposing sales taxes on goods sold over the internet. That sounds like a good deal now, but local roads, schools and more are paid with sales taxes. If everyone goes to the ‘net to avoid sales taxes, that will leave property owners holding the bag.

But read the current Internet Tax Freedom Act* for yourself and make your own decisions on what it does. Then decide if it should be "forever." And it will be. In our society, taxes only go down, never up.

* http://www.gpo.gov/fdsys/pkg/USCODE-2013-title47/pdf/USCODE-2013-title47-chap5-subchapI-sec151.pdf

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