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Presidents’ Day Lament

Happy Presidents’ Day. While I’m happy for the day off, today reminds me that in terms of war and so-called “National Security”, the US Presidency degenerated into an elected monarchy after World War II. Nothing in popular protests and little from Congress sway any President from bombing or spying as he pleases. At the same time, Presidents rarely have a chance to enact their full domestic agenda or even to appoint their first choices for their cabinet or judiciary.

I heartily wish it was the reverse. I think it would be a good thing for this country if Presidents of both parties to enact their domestic agendas and be held fully accountable for them AND for it to be next to impossible to enact military action without explicit consent of Congress with the exception of a direct attack on the US, its military installations or a nation we have a ratified defense treaty with. Get Presidents focused on domestic problems and end the perpetual war.

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