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Book Review: Blackcollar

At its heart this is a book about space ninjas. Most of them aren’t Japanese, but they are extremely stealthy and fight mostly with throwing stars and nunchucks.

In the distant future, the worlds of the Terran Democratic Empire are under the iron heel of an alien occupier. This book tells the story of some of the resistance fighters on a desperate mission that covers several worlds. Knowing who to trust and finding ways to ferret moles figure prominently as do notions of honor and what’s best for a people.

I mostly liked the book. I really liked the intrigue elements and how not all collaborators are created equal. But for me personally, most of the fight scenes went on too long. There were also several parts where it wasn’t clear where one scene ended and another begins. For all that, it was an enjoyable read. Enjoyable enough to stay up too late reading it.

I got this book as part of a humblebundle.com promotion. There are two more books in the series. If they were in my library system, it would be a no brainer to read them. But since they’re not, I need to decide between doing an interlibrary loan for the next book or spending $6 for the Amazon Kindle version.

If you’ve read this 1980s sci fi series, I’d be interested in your take on whether the other books in the series are worth reading.

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