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What makes me saddest about our torture

The United States tortures people. It isn’t a matter of rogue agents and rogue government officials, it is systemic. The United States tortures people. One president may order the torturing stopped, but there is nothing to prevent another from ordering it resumed. Those responsible for torturing people are identified but not brought to justice. They are, in fact, given free rein to talk openly about it, to minimize it, to justify it, to continue to lie about it, and to act as if questions or criticism about torturing people is just another partisan political argument. The traditional media, the most powerful mass media, play right along. Some in the mass media all but gloat about it. The United States tortures people. It is known. It is not treated as a crime against humanity. It is normalized. It will happen again.

via The United States tortures people. (Daily Kos)

The Daily Kos post above summarizes most of what I feel about the torture practiced during the Bush Administration and the Obama Administration’s consistent obstruction of justice and accountability. We WILL do this again. There is no remorse, despite the fact that torture is seen as an intrinsic evil by most sects of the Christianity most of our country professes. There is no regret despite the fact that the CIA’s own documents showed we tortured 26 completely innocent people. There isn’t even a twinge of guilt about the waste of spending $300 million dollars on a program run by two people without ANY experience in interrogation and which by the CIA’s own internal reviews, failed to produce any actionable intelligence.

Nope. Torture made us feel like we were “doing whatever it took” to get the terrorists. It was sort of the ultimate security theater and the soul of our country was the price of admission. Because our country is addicted to the appearance of “do whatever it takes” regardless of it actual effectiveness or morality and because we have steadfastly refused ANY accountability for torture, I’m convinced we’ll do it again.

Read the report. See especially pages p. 18 – 20 for notes on outsourcing and torture of innocent prisoners. Then check out the footnotes to the summary. More detail available further into the 525 page report, which is only a summary of a 6,000 page report the CIA and President Obama still won’t let us see.

A word about comments: I want to be up front and say that any comments to the effect of “But ISIS/Al-Qaeda did …..” will not be posted here. I refuse to let any terrorist group set the limits of American behavior. If that’s your only point, I invite you to post about it on your own blog.

Feel free to dispute any specific facts and be prepared with opposing evidence.


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