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(American Conservative) “Such Language is Not Helpful”

This is a matter of deep conscience. What kind of country are we? Is this what America is? Is this what we defend? The worst kind of barbarism? In particular I want to say to my fellow Christian conservatives: think hard about this report, and the idolatrous attitude that so many of us have toward America. We are America’s good servants, but God’s first. When our country has done evil, we must not hesitate to condemn it, and work to reform it. What we must not do is fall victim to an instrumentalist mentality that calls evil acts good because they achieved, or are believed to have achieved, desired results.

I would also point out to liberal and Democratic readers that President Obama, despite his statement today praising the report, hid 9,400 documents from Senate investigators. That man’s hands are not clean either.

via ‘Such Language Is Not Helpful’ | The American Conservative.

While most conservatives and Republicans I’ve read about are busy defending torture, here is one conservative voice that understands that it is wrong. Another voice is Senator John McCain, who broke party ranks to praise the report’s release.

What I appreciate about Rod Dreher, the writer of the American Conservative article is his reference to idoltry – that self-identifying Christians have put their version of the State in the role of God and sees everything that the [National Security] State does as righteous and necessary. I concur with his analysis.

I’m going to try and have this be my last post of the night.

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