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Catholic, Again

Hi All,

I’m posting this entry because back in 2012 I blogged the reasons that I left the Catholic Church. About a month ago I returned to the Church.

My main reasons are twofold – one is that my wife, a cradle Catholic, has really re-engaged with our parish over the last year or so and it was hard for me having her go to one service and me to another. I completely respect mixed marriages that can make separate services work, but that isn’t where I am.  The other reason was realizing that my political differences with the US Catholic Bishops Conference was not the same as having fundamental faith differences with the Catholic Church. To me, I can now see it as analogous as to being very unhappy with Congress, but not giving up my US citizenship over that unhappiness.

I don’t feel ready to have a discussion of my choice with the blogosphere at large, so I do not have comments enabled on this post. But since I used this platform to proclaim a break with the Church, I feel compelled to use it use it to announce my reconciliation and reunion.

I haven’t abandoned my political differences. I still see the US Bishop’s interference on civil marriage and adoption issues to be unacceptable in a pluralistic society. But I’m done with letting the political get in the way of faith. Although I still love the Episcopal parish of Holy Trinity in Juneau, Alaska, where I found a home for two years; I feel like I’m where God wants me to be at this time.

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