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Writer’s Guide to Gov Info: Weekly Update 12/29/2013

I began the process of converting my 2011 NaNoWriMo writing project into the stand alone website Writer’s Guide to Government Information at http://writersguidetogovinfo.wordpress.com on 12/15/2013. I thought it would help me to stay accountable and on track by offering weekly project updates.

As of Saturday, December 28, I had posted 250 of the approximately 300 resources in my manuscript.

Chapters with all the resources I originally intended to post:

If you visit any resources linked from the pages above, I’d be very grateful if you’d rate them. There is a spot on each entry to rate it from 1 to 5 stars. Please visit the resource first before rating my annotation.

I am currently working on posting resources to the chapter on What If Your Story Isn’t Set on Earth?

Other chapters with more resources yet to be posted:

These chapters currently have a small sample of representative resources.  I’ll probably do the health chapter next as I think it has a number of intriguing resources. The remaining appendices will be done after the chapters are completed.

After the appendices are done, I’ll probably have another look at General History. Aside from the Library of Congress Country studies, there aren’t many resources that predate the 19th Century.

I’m also happy to report that I’ve started to get clickthroughs on the Writer’s Guide site, meaning that people are moving from my resource commentary to the resources themselves.

If you’d like to read about WHY I did this project at all and why it is a website instead of a book, check out the Writer’s Guide About This Site page.

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