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Comet ISON Tour November 10, 2013, Pisco Elqui

Bless Bob and Anjali for thinking of taking us to Pisco Elqui. It was about an hour’s bus ride from Vicuna and billed as a time of celebration and relaxation and it certainly delivered. I could have easily stayed another day.

We  were a tour group of about 40 people. No single facility could house us all, so we were split into three hotel/bed and breakfast places – El Tesoro de Elqui, Hotel El Milagro and the place I stayed, El Jardin Secreto:

Gate at El Jardin Secreto

Gate to El Jardin Secreto and three other properties.

Room at El Jardin Secreto-004

The entrance to my room at El Jardin Secreto.

Room at El Jardin Secreto

Interior of my room. Very comfy overall.

After we were dropped off at our respective lodgings, we were free for a few hours till a barbecue. After pondering a few options, I decided to wander around the town:

Plaza de Armas Pisco Elqui Chile

Plaza de Armas, Pisco Elqui

Feeding the body and spirit Pisco Elqui

Flyers for a food tour and a tour that seems to promise a spiritual experience. I felt that Pisco Elqui had a new agey vibe like Sedona Arizona. Every third storefront in Pisco Elqui seemed to be a crystal store or tarot shop. It was cool in a hippie sort of way. My host at the El Jardin Secreto explained that Pisco Elqui had been a UFO sighting hotspot back in the 1970s. That drew in a variety of people with wide interests.

Two mystic regions

This car attests to the continued interest in strange phenomena in Pisco Elqui.

Route of the Stars Circle of famous poet

I walked a lot and managed to get on the road leaving town. But I retraced my steps and got back in time for the marvelous barbecue at El Tesoro de Elqui. I don’t quite have the words for the amazing spread it was, but it was very tasty and very safe. The staff was attentive to us and we all had a relaxing easy evening. I didn’t take pictures of this event partly because I was just living in the moment and partly because I generally don’t take pictures of people when I intend to post pictures to the internet.

After a great party with at least one pisco sour, I went to bed. I got up during the night around 3am and was able to see the Milky Way from the patio of my room. It was magical.

The next morning around 9am, we piled back into our tour bus to start a very long but very rewarding day.


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