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Chile loves astronomy tourists

Chile takes astronomy tourism seriously

It’s time for a few experimental posts again. Flickr might be making it easier to post to WordPress. The Flickr to WordPress posting mechanism still leaves a lot to be desired – no way to schedule posts or add categories/tags. But it does make getting the code for the photo, title and caption pretty easy.

This is a photo I took I think in the La Serena airport, though it might have been Santiago. The large text on the post can be rendered something like Astronomical tourism is yours. Enjoy it. I saw several posters like this and a number of road signs that indicates that Chile is really pushing astronomy-based tourism. I wish them well and I recommend the country and the associated astronomy to you.

I know I still owe several days worth of Chile trip blog posts. They’re coming. Probably not until the weekend, but they are on their way.

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