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Imported Tumblr – Working for you?

Dear Readers,

I have been piping in content from a couple of my Tumblr blogs for a few weeks a now. I’ve noticed an uptick and traffic, but I’d like to get feedback from you on whether the imported content is a good thing. So I’d like you to take a minute to do a two question survey.

The first question is about the tumblr content. I have my choice of keeping things the same, only importing photo posts or not importing any Tumblr posts at all. So those are the choices you have to vote on in the survey.

The second question gives you a chance to comment about the blog in general and what you’d like to see in it. I’ll definitely think about the responses as I move forward.  Only state level politics is off the table. I’ll even discuss Mark Begich, Lisa Murkowski and the US Senate campaign from time to time. But I won’t take public positions on state officials, bills or ballot measures as I find that inconsistent with my position of providing information resources to state officials across the political spectrum.

So, if you’d like input on what goes here, take the survey.  It closes next Saturday at 11:59pm. You are also welcome to leave a comment.

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